Affectors Which Can Affect Your Car Insurance Singapore Price

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car insurance singapore price
car insurance singapore price

As we all know, different states may have different requirements or limitation towards the minimum amount of coverage. However, from time to time, there always some people ask why they have paid more than their neighborhoods when buying car insuarnce. They have live in the same state and at the same location. But, why there are some drivers need to pay more than others. As a matter of fact, there are lots of factors which will affect drivers to caculate your car insurance singapore price.

Whether turn to agents or brokers

If you buy car insurance through agents or brokers, that means you have to pay more up to 20% for your premiums. On the countrary, if you purchase your car insurance without middle man's help, then you are unnecessary to pay extra commission.

Whether install security device

there will be some discount provide to you if you have installed a security device in your car. Such as anti-thief system, tracker, an alarm and immobiliser.

The older driver's age, the less premiums

There may be some little difference when carriers considering the age group factor. But, most companies have similar age group factor. For those people drivers whose age between 18 to 20, they will need to pay the highest premiums for car insurance. As young drivers is a high risk of group to involve with an accident on the road. It is reported that there are many accidents which happened on the road was caused by those young drivers whose age between 17 years and 25 years. Therefore, the older driver's age, the less premiums. For those drivers whose age fall into 31 to 65, they will be not required to pay high car insurance singapore price-

What kind of your job occupation

Generally speaking, there are less car insurance companies will charge you the same rate for indoor and outdoor occupation. Needless to say, engaging in indoor occupation will be less chance to get involve with an accident than outdoor occupation.

The less driving experience, the more premiums

The driving experience refers to how long have you get your driving license. There is no doubt that the longer history of driving, the less premiums you will pay. As one proverb said, practice makes perfect. With long driving history, most drivers must have form a good driving habit and have a excellent driving skill. Thus, it will be less possible for those group to involve an accident. For instance, drivers whose driving experience between 0 to 1 year will be required to pay more than drivers who have more than 4 years driving experience. Because the car insurance company will give the lowest rate for them.

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